Day of the Dead Mittens

I’m usually not that much of a fan of mystery knit-alongs, but now and then I join one. But this one looked like it was going to be fun. The theme was ”Day of the Dead”, a pair of mittens in stranded knitting would be the result, and six colours would be used.

I always need mittens, stranded knitting is fun, I could use some of my stash and the theme sounded fun. So I joined. Here’s the result, and I’m actually quite happy with my new mittens!

2F5ED621-CA8C-4E7B-A9AB-715C6FE7EB27Pattern from Tellybeanknits.

I had to buy one skein of black sock yarn, Schachenmayr (not much black yarn in my stash….). All the other yarns are from stash. The light green is Drops Alpaca and the others are various 4-ply sock yarns.


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